Shadow Runner by K.J. Fieler

Shadow Runner by K.J. Fieler

Book Shadow Runner by K.J. Fieler is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Shadow Runner by K.J. Fieler
Writer(s): K.J. Fieler
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Shadow Runner by K.J. Fieler

Born to aristocracy, Ada will marry and never want for anything… except freedom. She yearns for adventure, lives for her chess games with Papa, and is captivated by family stories of Grandmama’s escapades in America. However, when a much-anticipated male heir is finally born, she’ll lose everything, and spend the rest of her life tatting lace and having tea with lady friends.

A ghostly visitor and a series of seemingly supernatural events unexpectedly delivers Ada from the mundane—but no one could have predicted the darkness that comes with it. Taken in and raised by a secret society, she’s forced to abandon her own moral compass when she is required to lie and steal—and is groomed as an assassin.

As Ada comes of age, she must uphold the mantle of her mistress and become a predator, targeting members of the very nobility to which she was born. The only other choice is to leave the organization as a fugitive. And if she leaves, she must forsake the two people she loves more than herself: her captor and her adopted sister, both of whom will almost certainly be slain as punishment for her disloyalty.