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Slaying the Naga King by Jessica Butler

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Novel: Slaying the Naga King by Jessica Butler
Writer(s): Jessica M. Butler
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Slaying the Naga King by Jessica Butler

The only human in her adopted family, Rhea struggles to care for them as a crushing psychic plague threatens to destroy her family and over half the worlds’ population. In a desperate attempt to identify a cure, she participates in an arcane ritual that connects her to an intoxicating man who may be in a situation worse than hers. If he exists at all and isn’t just some illusion of her own. Or perhaps something far worse.

This handsome king’s people are beset by their own nightmares and what seems to be an attack by monstrous magical nagas. He fights to keep his people sane and prevent “the worst” from happening, seeming to fear that even these dream conversations may be used against him.

Realizing no help is coming, Rhea the compassionate artist decides to slay this naga king in a world far from hers before everyone she loves perishes. What will she do when she learns the truth about the monster’s identity and the reality behind this curse? Will love triumph over fear, or will all crumble in nightmares and terror?

Slaying the Naga King is a standalone fantasy romance set in the Tue-Rah world–Beauty and the Beast with scales and twists, this monstrous but sweet love story is the perfect for fans of Radiance and A Court of Thorns and Roses. It is an installment of the heart-pounding fantasy romance series, Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers. If you like forced proximity, one bed, passionate romances, and slow burns, you’ll devour this sexy, addictive series.