STONE by T.L Wainwright

STONE by T.L Wainwright

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Novel: STONE by T.L Wainwright
Writer(s): T.L Wainwright
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About STONE by T.L Wainwright

Young Outlaws MC Vice President Gabriel Parish, otherwise known as Stone, doesn’t do romantic relationships—especially when it could put a target on anyone that’s his.
Being the VP of The Young Outlaws MC, Nevada, means his responsibilities keep him close to home. Until a family tragedy strikes, leaving Stone to manage not only his responsibilities to his club but a new responsibility toward his three-year-old niece.
With no alternative, he’s forced to hire a live-in nanny. However, the arrival of Oriana, the young, intelligent university graduate, brings temptations he finds hard to ignore.
When a second incident leaves Oriana injured and Sasha missing, Stone is forced to ask questions.
Could both car accidents be a coincidence or a targeted attack against the club?
One thing is clear through all the mayhem and madness; Stone can no longer ignore his growing feelings toward Oriana.
Once the club get news that at least one of the accidents was an act of revenge, Stone and his Young Outlaws brothers vow to seek their retribution.

This book is a MC romantic suspense, love story containing dark elements.
STONE is the first book of the new spin off series of the YOMC Florida trilogy. You do not have to have read the Florida series to enjoy the Nevada series.