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The Gamble by Madhuri Tamse

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Novel: The Gamble by Madhuri Tamse
Writer(s): Madhuri Tamse
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About The Gamble by Madhuri Tamse

The Gamble – A political Saga of Fierce Love, Lethal Scandal and Unleashing Power.

Ayaan Shergill, the son of a social reformer is on a mission to draw out his father’s enemies to the fore when he crosses paths with Meher Walia, the stunning daughter of his father’s arch enemy in politics. The feud between their families runs deep and is embittered. While he tries to resist falling in love with Meher, he is drawn into a game of lies, deceit and conquest, where every move can be a trap, a bluff or a sacrifice. In the game that mirrors the stage of politics and love, where the knights are cunning, the rooks powerful, the queen a temptress and the king vulnerable, will Ayaan dare to break the rules and face the deadly consequences?
To unveil the secrets behind every scandal, Ayaan Shergill is coming to gamble like a King.

Meher Walia, the daughter of a deputy chief minister, is the caged princess of her family, who is unaware of the dark secrets and crimes of her father. One encounter with Ayaan Shergill and she’s drawn to his mysterious, handsome and dangerous persona like a moth to a flame. Indulging into a forbidden affair with Ayaan, and oblivious to the ulterior motives and dirty politics playing its part, will Meher choose love or loyalty when she faces the consequences of playing with fire?
To escape the golden cage of her trapped life, Meher Walia is ready to gamble like a Queen.

Amidst the chaos of political enmities between their families, how will Ayaan and Meher play their way towards each other?