The Last Witch of Scotland

The Last Witch of Scotland

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Novel: The Last Witch of Scotland
Writer(s): Philip Paris
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About The Last Witch of Scotland

I absolutely loved this book. It’s one of the books you can’t put down but you also want to slow your reading process to make the story last.
Based on true events of witch hunts in Scotland, particularly the last woman to be trialed and executed as a ‘witch’ in Scotland in 1727, Philip Paris takes the reader on a journey alongside Aila and her mother Janet which is incredibly moving, heartbreaking at times but definitely a must read.

I particularly enjoyed how well the story flowed, the combination of real historical events and great storytelling and the range of characters and how they are described.
On the cover it says ‘Her only crime was being a woman’ and this summarises what I take away from the book.

The note on historical accuracy at the end of the book has made me interested in reading more about the persecution of witches in Scotland and definitely makes me want to visit the places mentioned in the novel, particularly Dornoch in the North of Scotland.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Scotland’s history, a great story about love, family and responsibility. If you like the witchtrial parts in Outlander, this book is definitely for you!