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The Thief by Tara Crescent

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Novel: The Thief by Tara Crescent
Writer(s): Tara Crescent
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About The Thief by Tara Crescent

Steal back a lost painting and risk the wrath of a powerful mafia boss? Yup, I did that.

In the seductive and shadowy underworld of Venice, one man rules with an iron fist.
Ruthless mafia boss. King of Venice.
Antonio Moretti.

I stole his priceless masterpiece, intent on returning it to the museum it was stolen from.
And Antonio caught me.

But the mob boss isn’t a stranger. Ten years ago, when I wandered the docks of Venice the night after I buried my parents, he was the stranger who emerged from the shadows to protect me.

I should be afraid of him.
I’m not.
I should stay away from him.
I don’t.

And so I’m drawn into his dangerous world…

But Antonio isn’t interested in hurting me.
No, what he wants is far more terrifying.

He wants everything.
All my broken jagged pieces.

And it turns out that all those years I pined for my fairy tale rescuer…
Antonio Moretti, dark and ruthless mafia boss, king of Venice…
Was waiting for me.