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Whiskey by Sybil Bartel

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Novel: Whiskey by Sybil Bartel
Writer(s): Sybil Bartel
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Whiskey by Sybil Bartel


Navy SEAL.

Unconventional Operative.

I didn’t join the Teams. I was recruited. They called me the Specialist. They said I had a unique skill set. I knew the truth.

For eight years, the Navy tried to rein me in with their tactics, techniques and procedures.They told me to adapt and overcome. I didn’t adapt. I did my job.

Now I worked for Alpha Elite Security. If you called me the Specialist, I’d eliminate you before you took your next breath. If you recognized me, it was already too late. I lived by my instincts and used the resources at my disposal. No target was out of my range…until my boss unknowingly handed me the one assignment that was.

The only woman I couldn’t kill.

Code name: Whiskey.
Mission: Eliminate.