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Winterfest by Donna Berdel

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Novel: Winterfest by Donna Berdel
Writer(s): Donna Berdel
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Winterfest by Donna Berdel

Winterfest, the second pulse-pounding installment in the Wicked Fae Games saga, plunges you deeper into a chilling world of treachery and magic. The stakes are higher, the games deadlier, and romance ignites under the most unlikely of circumstances. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey that will leave you breathless, craving the next deadly game.

In an alternate realm, a race of ancient fae gather and watch as their wicked games get underway…

Some people turn forty and splurge on a new haircut or dream vacation. Cassidy Wright kicks off her fourth decade on the planet by discovering that vampires exist, magic is real, and that she herself possesses an eerie ability to manipulate ice and snow.

After barely escaping the carnage of Winterball, Cassidy is ready to leave Silvery Pines, Colorado—and her magical heritage—behind for good. But before she can flee, a strange tattoo with the words Winterfest Contestant appears on her and her friends’ arms. The mark brands them as competitors in an upcoming event known as Winterfest…whether they want to participate or not.

But nothing in Cassidy’s life has prepared her to compete in the increasingly deadly series of games involving magic, dangerous fae creatures, and death-defying feats of courage. Games that smack of the ancient fae, who enjoy playing with humans.

Cassidy soon realizes that she’s in over her head. Her friends start exhibiting bizarre behavior, and her only ally is Roman, a mysterious and alluring bartender with an agenda of his own. Cassidy must trust her instincts and tap into a power she doesn’t yet understand, or control, if she hopes to save her friends and escape the games alive.

Place your bets…it’s game on!