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Novel: Zakai by Eve Langlais
Writer(s): Eve Langlais
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Zakai by Eve Langlais

I found more than religion in an angel’s kiss.
My studies in theology didn’t prepare me to deal with angels from outer space. They’re real. They fly. And in their elevated arrogance, they don’t think they need anyone’s help. So, imagine my surprise when the shy but hunky Zakai asks for my assistance in locating Noah’s ark.
Apparently, it’s not just a religious myth. The massive ship did exist, and it looks like humanity might need it if they’re going to survive an incoming invasion.
As we work to uncover the mystery, we’re stymied by opposing forces doing everything they can to stop us. I’ll admit, I never thought I’d end up fighting demons, just like I never expected to fall in love with an angel.
But when given a choice, will he choose me or God?