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Blood on the Badge by Mary Stone

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Novel: Blood on the Badge by Mary Stone
Writer(s): Mary Stone
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Blood on the Badge by Mary Stone

Every villain has a story. Every hero, a dark past.

Justice Hall has secrets. His name is just the beginning.

Born as Timothy Stewart, this twenty-six-year-old rookie detective’s life took an unexpected turn when Justin Black, the serial killer known as The Disciple, brutally murdered his family and groomed him as a child. Out of the wreckage, little Tim reinvented himself, adopting a new identity that eerily echoes his malefactor’s name. A mere coincidence, or an indelible imprint of the past?

The truth remains buried within Justice. Even from himself.

Justice is certain of one thing, though. His most recent case needs to go cold…and quickly. The son of East Texas’s most beloved senator has disappeared, and the father is pressuring the Elmaeder County Sheriff’s Office to devote its full resources to the search. Justice disagrees. Not only are there more pressing cases to work—like a brutal killer mutilating young women—but he also harbors a secret about the missing man…

He’s buried beneath Justice’s own apple tree.

Blood on the Badge is book one of Mary Stone’s A Villain’s Story series, an enigmatic thriller that will convince you a picture’s worth a thousand words. Or the hallmark of a killer.