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Blunted by M.N. Forgy

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Novel: Blunted by M.N. Forgy
Writer(s): M.N. Forgy
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Blunted by M.N. Forgy

This book was written by mother who passed away from cancer in February. I found this on her computer and knew she had been talking about publishing it, but she didn’t make it to see that happen. It wasn’t done and I was giddy to add some Forgy flare to it. Now it’s ready for the world. This is for you mom.

From the author of best selling Devil’s Dust MC, M.N. Forgy and her mother give a whole new rush and spark in the bedroom.

I came to the Rush Riders Motorcycle Club to help a friend out, get them out of trouble, and before I knew it, I became a member. Fast women, drugs, whiskey, and fights were all things I expected and was ready for. A young woman walking into the club selling drugs wasn’t. C was everywhere I didn’t want her to be. Her naïve personality was resilient to my asshole attempts to run her off. The next thing I knew, I wanted more than to take her to my bed. We were like a match to gasoline, the combustion so powerful not even I could walk away. I wanted to dominate her, to make her mine, which would have been an amazing plan if our worlds hadn’t collided, leaving me with having to choose between my club and her.
Can the rules of the Rush Riders MC bend to my will, or will the brotherhood mean nothing?
If they want a war, I’ll give it to them.