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Broken by Fatima Bala

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Novel: Broken by Fatima Bala
Writer(s): Fatima Bala
Format: pdf epub
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About Broken by Fatima Bala

In this heartwrenching new novel from Award-winning author and poet, Fatima Bala, a connection sends two lovers with different ideologies on a search for redemption in places far from home.

A story of imperfect love. Broken from the start; yet constant.

Fa’iza grew up very sheltered in a conservative Muslim home. Her otherwise sane life is thrust into turmoil when she finds herself falling for someone with a completely different set of values from hers when she comes to Toronto for University. No matter how she tries to fight it, their connection and chemistry are undeniable.

Ahmad believes everything is a construct. Society and religion condition people to be sheep, and he goes out of his way to live his life on his terms. Attracted to Fa’iza from the very start, he soon realizes that they are probably better apart – but can they stay away from each other? When the lines between halal and haram become blurred, can they find the road to redemption?

When a revelation breaks them apart, they hold a secret, one that could tear the seams of the Islamic upbringing their family holds in high regard. Five years later, is it too late for them or is the road to redemption shut against them for crossing the lines into forbidden paths?