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Fallen by Rebecca Rivard

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Novel: Fallen by Rebecca Rivard
Writer(s): Rebecca Rivard
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Fallen by Rebecca Rivard


To save a friend, I stake my alpha in Slayers, Inc. and disappear, hoping my superiors will believe I died along with my alpha.
But you don’t quit Slayers, Inc. until you’re too old to fight…or dead.

A member of SI’s shadowy Board of Directors tracks me down. One last job, he tells me, and he’ll make things right with the organization.
The catch? I have to go undercover as a blood thrall in the dangerous world of vampire syndicates.


Twilight shouldn’t be up for sale. She made it clear she’d never be anyone’s thrall.
But there she is, the main attraction at a private auction.
The woman I’d do anything, pay any amount to have.
So I buy her.

But is she who she’s pretending to be—or have I brought the means of my own destruction directly into my bedroom?