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Hers to Rule by C.A. Krause

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Novel: Hers to Rule by C.A. Krause
Writer(s): C.A. Krause
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Hers to Rule by C.A. Krause

When vengeance and desire collide, family loyalties come into question.

My father’s death is brutal, but I don’t have time to grieve. I’m Gianna Bruno, his heiress, and I’ll be damned if anyone questions my leadership.

First on my list? Deal with the man responsible for my father’s murder.

Mikhail is the ruthless enforcer for his own father, the head of the Russian mob. He embodies cruelty and violence—a true prince of the rival family. Except, I’m no stranger to dishing out pain.

In fact, I revel in it.

What I don’t expect are the dark desires lurking within him, mirroring my own. The way he responds to the pain I give temps my own needs. He craves it, but I can’t be distracted.

Blood needs to spill before this is all over.

Hers to Rule is a riveting enemies-to-lovers, dark mafia romance. Please note this genre is not suitable for all readers.