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Ice King by Sara Fields

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Novel: Ice King by Sara Fields
Writer(s): Sara Fields
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Ice King by Sara Fields

The dragon king swore he would never take a mate. Fate didn’t give him a choice.

When I snuck out of the house on my twenty-first birthday, I didn’t expect to be struck by a bolt of lightning… or to wake up in a strange land and be saved from freezing to death by a dragon.

Then the beast shifted before my eyes into a man more regal than any king and hotter than dragon fire. A man who didn’t hesitate to bare and spank me for daring to resist his rescue.

I knew in that moment not just that I would be his one day, but that I was his already.

The way he held me in his lap and caressed my burning bottom while my arousal soaked his massive thighs told me he knew it too, and that it was all he could do not to claim me right then.

But pain has left his heart as frozen as his realm, and it will take more than pure lust to melt it.

It will take the touch of his mate.