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Kilt to Order by Susannah Nix

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Novel: Kilt to Order by Susannah Nix
Writer(s): Susannah Nix
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Kilt to Order by Susannah Nix

A nerdy wallflower recruits her athlete roommate to give her love lessons

As a Highland Games athlete and firefighter, I’m used to women trying to get under my kilt. But I never expected to be propositioned by my bookworm roommate.

Casey’s one of my best friends and my buddy’s younger sister. What am I supposed to do when she confesses that she’s on a mission to lose her virginity—and I’m the guy she trusts to do the deed?

If I say no, she’ll only turn to another dude instead. Someone’s got to keep her out of trouble, so I agree to give her some hands-on experience. A little friends-with-benefits action shouldn’t be a problem. I can teach Casey how to bring a man to his knees and still keep things platonic.

Uh, yeah. Small problem. The more boxes we check off on Casey’s lesson plan, the more I realize I’ve taught her too well.

Because the man she’s bringing to his knees is me.

KILT TO ORDER is a sizzling small town brother’s best friend romcom that features a found family of muscly men in kilts, a spunky booknerd virgin, a protective playboy roommate who agrees to be her love coach, and a guaranteed HEA for these two adorable friends to lovers.