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Lady and the Camp by Stephanie Scott

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Novel: Lady and the Camp by Stephanie Scott
Writer(s): Stephanie J. Scott
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Lady and the Camp by Stephanie Scott

He’s a low-tech grump who put his dream wilderness job on hold to run a children’s camp. She’s an always-online beauty influencer whose break-up just went viral. Forced to work together, they couldn’t possibly be more wrong for each other.

My life is a disaster and now the rest of the world knows it too.

I thought I’d made it big landing a job as a spokesperson for a shiny new beauty brand, only to lose it all when I’m named in a federal investigation after authorities raid my billionaire boyfriend’s company.

Make that my ex-boyfriend.

In a leaked video, he blames me for his own fraud. Now his rabid followers gleefully attack me in every online space. With my reputation shredded like my ex’s shady bank records, I need to lie low. Fast.

I never imagined I’d end up the top guy running Camp Junebug. After all, this job was meant to be a stepping stone to bigger boulders—say to Boulder, Colorado.

The camp is understaffed and I’m overwhelmed, and that’s when she walks in. Like she’s straight out of a fashion shoot, looking for a job. Thing is, I have to hire her. One: I’m desperate. Two: she’s my cousin’s best friend.

This diva doesn’t know squat about the outdoors, but the kids love her. And now she’s set her sights on me. Asking questions. Like, what is a guy who dreams of leading expeditions in the Rockies doing at a worn-down kids’ camp without a mountain in sight?