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Of Stars and Tides

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Novel: Of Stars and Tides
Writer(s): Locklyn Blake
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Of Stars and Tides

Geminis have been outlawed for over a century . . . until her.

On the night of Cassie’s twenty-first birthday, she realizes a terrifying darkness is lurking inside her, waiting to emerge. When she is taken by a group of Zodiac demigods with magical powers, her entire life turns upside down. She learns her rightful place in a deadly prophecy, and in the war that could either save them all, or destroy them all . . .Will Cassie be the last hope for the Zodiacs? Or will she become their worst nightmare?

Hero Stamos is in line to become the next Archon of the New Orleans Arena. He’s the perfect soldier, the best demon slayer, and the strongest Leo of them all, but when Cassie comes into his life, she threatens to ruin everything he’s worked for—and Hero might just let her.

In a rivalry against prophecies, war, love, and darkness, what is the cost for survival?