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One Last Job by Anise Starre

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Novel: One Last Job by Anise Starre
Writer(s): Anise Starre
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About One Last Job by Anise Starre

When designer Amber Wyatt gets the opportunity to project manage a lucrative contract with The August Room, an exclusive and glamorous private members’ club, she can’t wait to get started. That is until she meets handsome managing director, Finn Hawthorne.

Finn has no respect for her hard work, continuously undermines her and, worst of all, has the uncanny ability to charm everyone he meets. Everyone except her.

Launching The August Room in the UK is Finn Hawthorne’s baby, and he needs it to go well. With nepotism whispers following him wherever he goes, he needs this to prove that he deserves his most recent promotion.

So can you really blame him when he keeps clashing with his designer? Not only is she charging him a small fortune, she keeps dismissing his ideas and, worst of all, she’s drop dead gorgeous and seemingly immune to his charms.

Forced to work together in close proximity to meet the tight launch day deadline, sparks begin to fly, and the fine line between business and pleasure starts to blur.

What was supposed to be a career defining project leaves them both wanting more, but will they take it, or will one last job destroy everything they’ve built?