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Ranger Justice by Lynn Shannon

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Novel: Ranger Justice by Lynn Shannon
Writer(s): Lynn Shannon
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Ranger Justice by Lynn Shannon

Deception can lead to murder…

Prosecutor Hannah Lawton is thrust into the spotlight after a local doctor is arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. The case has fractured the county and made her a target for death threats. When she’s attacked and nearly killed, Hannah believes it’s connected to the upcoming trial. She refuses to back down.

Texas Ranger Ryker Montgomery led the murder investigation and is convinced the doctor is guilty. The attack on Hannah reaffirms his suspicions about the lengths the man will go to stay out of prison. A second assault leaves little question someone is gunning for the gorgeous prosecutor. Ryker refuses to leave Hannah—and the baby in her care—unprotected. He’ll put his life on the line to keep them safe.

When another woman is killed in the same manner as the doctor’s wife, the case takes a surprising turn. Working together, Ryker and Hannah must uncover the truth. Obtaining justice is never easy, but this time…it may be deadly.