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Novel: Rogue by Regine Abel
Writer(s): Regine Abel
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Rogue by Regine Abel

She was lost, until he found her.

For years, Shuria was a monster, the ultimate assassin created as a result of countless painful experiments. At the end of the war, she finds refuge on the Kryptid homeworld as an advisor to the Queen. But even here, she doesn’t belong. When the Vanguard comes to warn them of an impending invasion by the Coalition rebels, Shuria’s life takes on an unexpected turn as she reconnects with Rogue. He is everything any female could dream of. But how can he truly want someone as broken as her, especially after all the terrible things she has done?

When he embarks on this latest mission, Rogue only aims to put his scientific knowledge and combat skills to the defense of their former enemies turned allies. Instead, his mating glands awaken for the most unlikely female. After all those years knowing Shuria, why now? Are they truly soulmates or is his sudden physiological response to her a glitch?