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Sarge’s Downfall by Lena Bourne

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Novel: Sarge’s Downfall by Lena Bourne
Writer(s): Elizabeth Knox, Lena Bourne
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Sarge’s Downfall by Lena Bourne

She might be my downfall, but I’ll stop at nothing to protect her.


Going back home for my parents’ thirtieth wedding anniversary was only supposed to be a much needed break from all the club chaos. I didn’t know it then, but it was going to turn into so much more than that.

I reconnected with an old friend in a brand new way. I figured it would be a one-night stand, but fuck if I couldn’t get Luna out of my mind. She captivated me, distracted me, and reignited the flame deep within me. The flame I thought would never burn again.

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Little did I know she was running from her own demons. Demons that were now back and ready to cause more mayhem. It took her a while to confess it to me, but once she did, the need to keep her safe overshadowed everything else. Even as we’re dealing with our own shit at the clubhouse, I have to protect her.