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The Killing Ground by HJ Reed

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Novel: The Killing Ground by HJ Reed
Writer(s): HJ Reed
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About The Killing Ground by HJ Reed

Drug warfare, a dirty cop and dogs that are trained to kill. DI Al Crow has his hands full in West Hill.

A bullet lodged in his brain hasn’t stopped West Hill Detective Inspector Al Crow. But now that he’s back at work, he’s not happy with the mundane tasks he’s given by the powers that be.

Then an undercover police officer, DS Vicky Brent, is brutally murdered by an organised crime gang, Medusa. It could only have happened with inside information. There’s an informer in the ranks, and DI Al Crow gets his chance to prove himself when he’s called upon to root out the dirty cop and find Brent’s killer.

When he’s told the assassin is the same man who put a bullet in his brain and murdered his sergeant five years earlier, it’s all the motivation he needs. Crow is determined to track down the villain who almost ended his career and life.

But time is running out to find Medusa’s killing ground and the vicious dogs who do their dirty work. As gang warfare erupts, Crow gets help from the most unlikely source. Can they work together and prevent the next killing?

The Killing Ground – the second in the stunning crime series featuring DI Al Crow.