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The Secret Family by SL Harker

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Novel: The Secret Family by SL Harker
Writer(s): SL Harker
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About The Secret Family by SL Harker

Peter’s world shatters when his beloved wife, Stella, is ripped away from him in a sudden hiking accident. But while he navigates the treacherous landscape of grief, a stranger, Andrew, appears on his doorstep claiming to be Stella’s husband.

Which isn’t possible because he, Stella, and their teenage daughter Katy are the perfect family. Unless it was all a lie.

Peter’s worst fears come true as he discovers that Stella had a secret life… a secret family. Including a son, Theo.

How is this possible?

Peter’s mourning turns to confusion. As he grapples with the stunning reality of Stella’s double life, he is drawn to her enigmatic best friend, Amber, who offers solace during this tumultuous time.

But as the unsettling truth unfurls, Peter finds himself questioning everything. Was Stella’s death truly an accident? If not, then who killed her, and why?

After all, Stella was a liar, and liars have a tendency to collect enemies…