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The Way of the Walker

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Novel: The Way of the Walker
Writer(s): Marius H. Visser
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About The Way of the Walker

Tenthis, the realm of the gods, is dying. The Light of the Eyavare, intended to keep it and the mortal realm separate, is fading, and the merger of two realms unleashes the World Storm. Cities crumble, floods rage, and it is all that man can do to hold on to that which is most precious . . . each other.

Jonas, a man well acquainted with the dark side of human nature, desired nothing more than to live his life in peace with those dearest to him. A peace that was shattered when his soul was ensnared by a goddess determined to restore Tenthis at any cost. A peace that was shattered by the death of his wife.

Together with Orana, a thief grappling with her own demons, and Vernak, an old man full of wisdom and secrets, and his son Jorin, they embark on a perilous quest to free Jonas’ soul. Yet as the danger mounts, the trust between them falters. How can they save the world if they can’t even save each other?