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The Wicked Heir by Merry Farmer

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Novel: The Wicked Heir by Merry Farmer
Writer(s): Merry Farmer
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About The Wicked Heir by Merry Farmer

Every guest invited to the house party at Nedworth Hall has a secret.

Lady Patience Wycombe has been sent to Nedworth Hall for the summer under protest. Why should she be prevailed upon to spend her summer conversing with people when she would much rather stay in London with her books for company? She is determined to ignore her mother’s wish that she find a husband…

…until the most notorious rake in London singles her out for sin.

Arden Covington’s reputation was ruined from the moment he was born. He has always embraced his wickedness…and made it profitable. But few people know the reason he is constantly in need of money, or that he has a sentimental heart. So when Lady Patience shows no fear in the face of his attempts to seduce her, he falls for her hard and fast.

But with everyone at the house party eager to discover the identity of Lord Carshalton’s mysterious heir, will Arden have the freedom to pursue Patience, or will another suitor with sordid intentions compromise her first?