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Dark Destiny by Ken Rudisill

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Novel: Dark Destiny by Ken Rudisill
Writer(s): Ken Rudisill
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Dark Destiny by Ken Rudisill

An unending tide of conflict threatens to unravel a society plagued by disease, crime, and starvation. If left unchecked, no one will survive.

The onslaught of multiple wars transforms eastern Tolmenas beyond recognition. Entire cities lay destroyed, while bandits attack every wagonload of goods. Amidst such chaos, a savvy merchant from Kendea believes it’s the perfect time to harness the power of two sky children.

The cessation of fighting in western Tolmenas over the winter is only temporary. Both sides are amassing their strength for the upcoming battle, while Ekonae hopes to utilize their newfound magic.

Born of the Sky is an epic six part series. Many have succumbed to greed and ambition, but more will die in the battle to control Tolmenas. For fans of adult fantasy who love to see the struggles of both relatable and wicked characters.