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Duke by Leila James

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Novel: Duke by Leila James
Writer(s): Leila James
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Duke by Leila James

Nothing can come between us. We’re stronger than ever.

The longer I live at Bainbridge Hall, the more apparent it is that someone is out to get me. They know too much and are determined to use my worst fears against me. As my memories rise to the surface, they bring with them vivid reminders of what I’ve lived through.

My past is tainted with awful truths. A reality that refuses to stay buried much longer.

But one thing’s for certain, these brothers I’ve fallen for will be here for me. They won’t let me down, won’t let whoever is behind the attacks on me get away with it. I’m theirs. And they are mine.

My loyal leader. My avenging hero. And my fierce protector.

Even though each of us is dealing with our own demons, we’ll find a way through. Because together is the only way we’ll be strong enough to take the true bastards down once and for all.

Bainbridge Hall. Where I’ll finally unlock the nightmares in my head. Or die trying.