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Her Filthy Fling by Alexia Chase

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Novel: Her Filthy Fling by Alexia Chase
Writer(s): Alexia Chase
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Her Filthy Fling by Alexia Chase

What happens in Tahoe stays in Tahoe. Or does it?
After catching my boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, getting serviced by my cousin, I skipped town on my best friend’s dime.
My dad would flip his lid if he knew I had flown from Boston to Lake Tahoe, so I’m staying in a 5-star resort as Dalilah Knight for the weekend.
While there, I meet a gorgeous older man who needs a fake date for his daughter’s wedding.
Feeling spontaneous and wanting a reminder that true love still exists, I say yes.
It’s a weekend. What could go wrong?
My oldest child is getting married and has the fantastic idea of trying to set me up with her mother – again. That’s never going to happen.
My solution? A fake girlfriend. And whose name do I use? The stunning – way too young for me – girl I met at the front desk.
When pushed into a corner, Dalilah agrees to be my fake girlfriend for the weekend.
It’s three days. What could go wrong? Let me count the ways.
This book was previously published as Reckless Suit in the Cocky Hero Club. Significant changes have been made to remove all references to that world.