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Honey by Mariel Pomeroy

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Novel: Honey by Mariel Pomeroy
Writer(s): Mariel Pomeroy
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Honey by Mariel Pomeroy

Honey is a dark fantasy romance and book two in the Agia Sahnta series. Honey picks up right where book one, Helfyre left off and to avoid spoilers, I’m keeping this review vague. Aheia finds herself struggling with her life. She’s not sure how she fits in with her new existence and everyone around her. She continues to be drawn to Ari, but still doesn’t know where they stand. When everything is so uncertain, Aheia learns she can’t run from her demons anymore

This book was a fantastic read and a wonderful follow up to Helfyre. I loved the continued world building in this book as well as the additional PoVs of characters we met in Helfyre. Aheia continues to grow as a character, even in times of uncertainty and I love how Ari is constantly pushing her boundaries. I love how their relationship is dark and depraved, but that’s what works for them and it fits their characters so well

The sequel to Helfyre