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The Double by Jeremy Elice

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Novel: The Double by Jeremy Elice
Writer(s): Jeremy Elice
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About The Double by Jeremy Elice

In Hollywood’s glitzy epicenter, a captivating young actress’s life ends horrifically at the hands of a brutal serial killer. Eddie Ankin, a grizzled ex-Marine turned stuntman, finds himself ensnared in the accusatory spotlight, wrongfully identified as the perpetrator. Determined to clear his name, Eddie must employ his stuntman audacity and keen intellect to hunt down the actual fiend.

Enter Detective Kim Mallory, a bright yet inexperienced cyber cop, steps into this tangled narrative. More adept at tracking online adversaries than grappling with real-world villains, she holds an intriguing hypothesis about the chilling murders. Her skeptical captain, however, dismisses her theory, sidelining her to a minor social media blackmail case.

Not to be deterred, Mallory forms a covert alliance with Eddie—their mutual shot at vindication. This improbable duo launches into a heart-stopping, time-bound chase, battling formidable challenges—a relentless LAPD, a menacing Russian mafia aiming to silence any connections to the murders, and a blackmail deadline creeping closer.